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TELESPRINT-90 Ltd. was founded in 1990.
The company specializes in the delivery, installation and commissioning and maintenance of:
• specialized hardware and software systems and solutions for automation of banking services;
• specialized telecommunication hardware and software systems;
• encryption and security systems.

For 30 years, TELESPRINT - 90 Ltd. has implemented a series of corporate projects in the banking and financial sectors, telecommunications, energy and industry. All projects have been successfully completed, and the professional work of the team of specialists of the company is highly appreciated by our clients.

It is important for us to offer and implement, in a qualitative, reliable and effective, professional way, any task assigned to us by the client, which guarantees long-term and trouble-free operation of the particular system. We offer equal treatment to each client in fulfilling his requirements, offering innovative technical solutions and highly qualified services tailored to the specific conditions. Long-term, fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with each client is our primary goal and obligation. We are dedicated to the success and positive business development of each of our clients.

Some of the major projects implemented by the company

Complex projects are the main part of TELESPRINT activity. From 1990 to the present, the company team has designed and implemented many innovative infrastructure projects for large organizations, accumulating vast experience and know-how in various modern high-tech solutions. A number of strategic projects have been implemented for the public administration, banking, financial and industrial sectors. The activity of the company has contributed to the implementation of modern systems for automation of banking services and telecommunications implemented in Bulgaria. The successes of TELESPRINT are due to honesty towards the customers, hard work, good quality of service and most importantly - close coordination and cooperation with the manufacturers of the offered products.
TELESPRINT is one of the first companies in Bulgaria to offer the latest technologies for automation of banking services and telecommunications.

Some of the more significant projects that TELESPRINT has implemented over the years are the following:

1990 - 2000
Delivery, installation and service of banknote and coin processing machines for 86% of the banks in Bulgaria, which during this period are Bulgarian state property. The machines delivered are manufactured by world-leading manufacturers: Glory, Felins, Akebono, and Japan Cash Machines. TELESPRINT has sold the first Glory machines on the Bulgarian market. The Bulgarian National Bank has purchased 120 high-end Glory banknote machines.
1994 - 1995
Design, installation and commissioning of an ISDN telephone network of the Bulgarian National Bank with 6 power plants produced by the Swiss concern Ascom in the city of Sofia and 10 power plants in branches outside the capital with a total capacity of about 600 city lines, 2 200 subscribers, in including 290 wireless.
1994 - 1997
Design, installation and commissioning of a national digital transmission network of the National Security Service, built on the basis of digital radio relay lines (92 terminals) and about 80 PCM multiplex systems installed throughout the territory of Bulgaria.
1994 - 1997
Design, installation and commissioning of a national mobile service radio system under the MPT 1327 standard for the National Security Service, with 24 base stations with a capacity of 2000 subscribers and two ISDN telephone exchanges for operational connection.
Design, installation and commissioning of the National X.25 WAN network of the Bulgarian National Bank, consisting of 6 switches, 8 routers and 10 PADs, covering all branches of the BNB and Borika - Boricapaymentgateway, ensuring the interaction between the local networks of the individual branches of the bank.
Design, installation and commissioning of the ISDN telephone network of the “Boyana” Government Residence with 4 Ascom power plants with 50 urban lines and 450 subscribers, including 40 wireless.
Design, installation and commissioning of the Transmission Network based on digital radio relay lines (12 terminals), optical cables and 18 digital multiplex systems to provide operational dispatching, telemetry and tele-management of the National Electric Company.
Supply, installation and commissioning of a digital PBX and a Multi-Channel Call Recording System to Borica operators - Boricapaymentgateway.
Delivery, installation and commissioning of complex banknote and coin processing equipment manufactured by Glory for United Bulgarian Bank and Affiliates.
Delivery of 132 km of lightning protection cable with OPGW fiber optic cable with corresponding armature, production of “Pirelli Cables & Systems Telecom” - Italy, for a project of National Electric Company EAD: 220 kV Pleven - Mizia, 400 kV Mizia - Kozloduy NPP, 400 kV overhead Kozloduy NPP - Border with Romania.
Delivery of optical distributors and accessories, production of “Reichle & De-Massari” of Bulgarian Telecommunication Company.
Delivery, installation and commissioning of a comprehensive solution for processing banknotes and coins at the UBB cash center.
Delivery, installation and commissioning of eight automated complex coin processing (sorting and packaging) systems manufactured by REIS Eurosystems for the Bulgarian National Bank.
Installation and commissioning of a Coin Production Blanket Control System manufactured by Proditec - France for the Bulgarian Mint - BulgarianMint.
Delivery of 240 banknote counters and 50 Glory coin machines for Bulgarian Post.
Starting our partnership with KAUFLAND Bulgaria. Delivery, installation and commissioning of coin sorting systems manufactured by REIS Eurosystems for 56 sites or 112 in total.
Supply, installation and commissioning of coin processing systems manufactured by REIS Eurosystems for OVARAS VENDING.
2006 - 2009
Installation, commissioning and servicing of a system of optical relay acceleration equipment, manufactured and delivered to NEK EAD by TTS MARCONY, Czech Republic.
2008 - 2019
Design, supply, installation, commissioning and service of Security and Access Control System, manufactured by the Italian company NICOTRA, to the channel network of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company for the territory of Bulgaria.
2007 - 2019
Delivery, installation and commissioning and servicing of banknote processing systems: NUMERON F, BPS 216, BPS C4-16, BPS C4-15, BPS C1, BPS C2-2, BPS C4-4, BPS C5, manufactured by Giesecke & Devrient, as well as the bundling machines manufactured by BUSCH and MABAS, the coin sorting and coin packing machines of GLORY and HESS by: DKU - Cash Services Company, VIP Security, Group 4 Security, SOT 161, DSK Transsecurities and commercial banks in Bulgaria.