Network Management Systems (NMS5)

NMS5 is SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s proprietary, high-end, network management systems, designed to easy manage and supervise telecommunication networks lowering OPEX. NMS5 manages all SIAE MICROELETTRONICA products and third party equipment offering a full range of applications such as alarm monitoring, performance monitoring, service provisioning, backup & restore, hardware inventory and software management.

NMS5, depending on telecom networks needs, runs on different operating systems being at the same time both a powerful management tool and a cost-effective solution. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA offers NMS5UX, based on a UNIX operating system, for large telecom networks, and  NMS5LX, based on Linux operating system, for small to medium telecom networks.

NMS5 architecture is based on multi-layers: an Element Manager System (EMS) to manages each single equipment, a Network Manager Systems (NMS) to provisions and manage TDM and Packet services and several North Bound Interfaces (NBI) to communicate with external Operation Support Systems (OSS).


  • NMS5UX, based on UNIX operating system, manages up to 20.000 network elements and 50 simultaneous users
  • NMS5LX, based on LINUX operating system, manages up to 5.000 network elements
  • EMS applications to manage each single equipment (Full FCAPS support)
  • NMS applications to easy provision and manage end-to-end services across network (TDM circuits and Packet services)
  • NBIs to communicate with external Operations Support Systems (service provisioning, alarm and performance exporting, …)
  • Friendly and intuitive GUI for front-end
  • Web server access
  • Graphical Hierarchical Network representation
  • Automatic Network Discovery functionalities
  • Distributed NMS architecture to reduce the load for each server
  • Local redundancy options (power supply, hard disk mirroring)
  • Geographically system redundancy (disaster recovery)