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Coin100 basic

Coin counting & bagging machine

Coin100 basic is suitable for fast counting of persorted coins. The device is extremely user-friendly due to its two-bottom-operation. It only takes one touch to select and adjust one out of 10 diff erent coin denominations.

Coins that are minimum 0,5 mm smaller in diameter than the selected denomination were sorted out automatically. Batch counting is availabel and the diff erent counting operations can be stored.

Coin diameter: 14 - 34 mm Coin thickness: 0,8 – 3,8 mm Coin denominations: 0 – 9 (10 sorts) Counting mode: batch couning mode accumulation counting mode
Capacity and Speed
Hopper Capacity: approx. 1.000 coins Counting Speed: 1.800-2.400 coins/min
Technical data
Dimensions (W x D x H) 320 x 225 x 165 mm Weight: 8,8 kg Power consumption: 40 W Power requirements: 110V 50 Hz / 230V 60 Hz
Ordering information
Coin 100 basic 230V: C1001 Coin tube set (Euro): C1000-0001 External Display: C1000-90010103

Coin counting in a cost-effective way

Easy handling
Up to 10 coin denominations configurable
Recording of counting opertations