Coin wrapper

The high-speed WR-500 wraps large volumes of coins and the standard speed WR-90 is suitable for any size of operation. Robust and reliable, the WR-500/90 coin wrappers deliver you smooth and exceptional performance day-in and day-out, increasing efficiency and accuracy to speed up wrapping while minimising errors.

Hopper Capacity
WR-500: 18,000 coins (€0.01) WR-90: 9,000 coins (€0.01)
Count Speed
WR-500: 3,000 coins per minute WR-90: 2,000 coins per minute
Wrap Speed
WR-500: 40 rolls per minute WR-90: 25 rolls per minute
WR-500: 450 x 633 x 1,100mm WR-90: 450 x 633 x 1,030mm