Setting New Benchmarks to Move You Ahead

Taking the lead through best-in-class performance

Whether in cash centers, commercial banks, or casinos, the BPS C6 provides that critical head start where medium to large banknote volumes need to be processed in demanding heavy-duty operation. The system has been specifically developed to further enhance efficiency in banknote processing, reduce costs, and to give customers an unmatched competitive edge.

The BPS C6 offers a nominal throughput of up to 72,000 banknotes per hour, soph-isticated high-level sensor technology, a modular concept with up to 20 output stackers, and an extremely robust design: All features that enable the BPS C6 to support customers when it comes to overcoming current and future challenges in banknote processing

The BPS C6 is a high-performance, reliable and durable system which also features all the modern interfaces for embedding into integrated network solutions. For example, system interaction between cash management software (e.g. Compass VMS)and the diverse range of solutions in the BPS Eco-System, opens up additional ways to further enhance efficiency, transpar-ency, and reliability in banknote processing.

Speed, sorting, sensors, connectivity: All areas in which the BPS C6 is setting new standards in its segment. Discover this high-perfor-mance giant among desktop processing systems today.

Counting 1,200 BN/min*
Authenticity / Fitness / Serial number reading
1,200 BN/min
up to 32 currencies
Feeder capacity
(depending on BN quality) up to 1500 BN
Output stacker capacity
(depending on BN quality) In basic module 4 × 500 BN In extension module 4 × 250 or 8 × 250
Reject stacker capacity
(depending on BN quality) 2 × up to 250 BN
Dimensions (H × W × D)
Basic system: 830 × 425 × 680 mm
~ 80 kg
Temperature range
Electrical specifications
120–230 VA, 50/60 Hz
External connections
LAN, 3 × USB

Moving forward – to the next level of efficiency

Precision at record speed: Its nominal throughput of 72,000 banknotes per hour makes the BPS C6 one of the fastest desktop processing systems worldwide. It is capable of processing all substrates (paper, hybrid, and polymer), and the freely confi gurable output stackers enable single-step processing (including multi-currency processing). Not least, the very straightforward and user-friendly operation of the system results in greater throughput and enhanced productivity
Productivity that is fully aligned to your needs: A huge range of processing and sorting tasks can be completed with variants ranging from 4 to 20 output stackers. The system’s graphical user interface supports up to 36 different operation modes to ensure individual customer settings and maximum operatorconvenience. The layout of the BPS C6 is optimized for single or dual operator handling, based on your preference. Additionally, the basic system can be confi gured with 4 output stackers and 2 reject stackers, or with 5 output stackers and 1 reject stacker, depending on your needs
The advanced sensor technology in the BPS C6 is the best in its class, and has been developed specifi cally for the needs of commercial banknote processing. The features of the all-in-one sensor include a high-resolution Contact Image Sensor (CIS) for detecting currencies, denomina-tions, orientations, and fi tness criteria; an OCR function for reliable serial number recognition; and IR, MAG, and UV sensors for authentication. Composed banknotes can also be reliably recognized by the integrated thickness sensor. While the integrated automated pusher plateand feeder guide ensure that even low-quality banknotes can be processed smoothly
The BPS C6 is part of a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, and service products for individual solutions in the cash center or count room. The objective is always to make banknote processing as effi cient and reliable as possible, and to ensure it can be easily adapted to future requirements.
Unmatched banknote processing speed of 1,200 BN/min. in all modes: counting, authentication, fitness sorting and serial number reading

Compact size – huge potential

The BPS C6 combines compact size with premium function. The system provides best-in-class sorting quality with performance that stands out in its market segment. The processing capabilities of the BPS C6 come at a speed of 1,200 banknotes per minute for all functions from authen-ticity checking, through fi tness sorting, up to serial number reading and comparison. Striking performance in all areas: Effi ciency, fl exibility, reliability. A futureproofdesign for your business.

The most important features at a glance:

All-in-one sensor with exemplary performance: Rapid, precise, and reliable
Very robust and durable, meaning that it can also be used in partic-ularly demanding heavy-duty operatio
The fastest-in-class desktop processing system: Consistently high nominal throughput of up to 72,000 banknotes per hour in all operation mod
A large 10” color touch display for easy, intuitive, and user-friendly operatio
Flexible confi guration options such as adjustable stacker confi guration, variable operation modes and fi eld upgradabili
Can be easily networked with cash management software and the BPS Eco-Syst