On the Fast Track –With Maximum Efficiency

Operating in pole position

The BPS C5 was developed to specifically meet the needs of small and medium-sized cash centers and count rooms, as well as back offices within large bank branches. In all these areas, ever-increa-sing competitive and price pressures necessitate streamlined processes, increased productivity, and reduced costs, as well as a high level of flexibility to adapt to future requiremen.

The solution from G+D Currency Tech-nology is a modular, scalable system that fulfills all process requirements with the greatest reliability, efficiency, and user-friendliness. A high nominal throughput of up to 63,000 banknotes per hour, an exceptionally flexible modular concept, state-of-the-art, framework-compliant sensors, and a multitude of software options combine to offer significant competitive advantages.

And that’s not all: The BPS C5 is ideally prepared for leveraging all the advan- tages that connectivity can provide. Used in conjunction with cash manage-ment software (e.g. Compass VMS) or elements of the BPS Ecosystem (e.g. a remote service connection), it makes the entire operation more transparent, secure, and efficient

Tailor-made for a new level of efficiency: The BPS C5 precisely fulfills banknote processing requirements, with outstanding efficiency, flexibility, and user-friend-liness.

Singling speed
1,050 BN/min
BN formats (Length × Width)
100–181 × 60–90 mm
up to 10 currencies
Singler capacity
(depending on BN quality) up to 1500 BN
Output stacker in base module
(depending on BN quality) 1 × up to 250 BN
Reject stacker
(depending on BN quality and configuration) 1 × up to 250 BN
Standard Delivery Module (SDM)
(depending on BN quality) 4 × up to 250 BN per module
Dimensions (H × W × D)
(depending on confi guration )BPS C5-5 660 × 790 × 415 mm BPS C5-25 660 × 2,140 × 415 mm
67–252 kg (depending on configuration)
Temperature range
Electrical specifications
100–240 VA, 50/60 Hz
External connections
1 × LAN, 4 × USB host, 1 × USB device

Moving forward – to the next level of efficiency

Count, check for authenticity and fitness, and sort based on a wide variety of criteria: The BPS C5 processes banknotes reliably and precisely, with a nominal throughput of up to 63,000 banknotes per hour. It is suitable for all substrates (paper, hybrid, polymer) and also for casino tickets. With its high number of output stackers, it supports multiple and even complex sorting requirements. The system is extremely easy to use, sustain-ably facilitating the necessary throughput and efficiency.
The modular and scalable system can be equipped with up to 6 Standard Delivery Modules (SDM). Each SDM contains 4 output stackers for up to 250 banknotes. Up to 50 different operation modes can be defi ned per currency and they are easy to choose for the operator. The BPS C5 supports both the traditional two-step process and one-step processes (e.g. with header cards). Its design also means it can be used by either one or two operators.
The sensor system in the BPS C5 verifi es and sorts banknotes quickly, precisely, and reliably. The system excels in the detection of counterfeits (including composed banknotes) and in sorting by predefi ned fi tness criteria or central bank frameworks. For additional security, video monitoring interfaces and the industrial fi rewall BPS Eco-Protect (see p. 7) can be provided on request.
The system’s enhanced modularity makes it easy to upgrade with extra standard delivery modules. This will also be valid for future enhancements. The BPS C5 also features all the inter-faces required for smooth networking with cash management software.
The modular concept of the BPS C5 enables wide-ranging configuration options: Opt for up to 25 output stackers to enable diverse customer requirementsto be met.

Enhanced efficiency
for customers worldwide

Outstanding efficiency and security along with a level of flexibility unparalleled in this class: The perfect combination to make your banknote processing even more cost-efficient and future-proof.

The most important features at a glance:

Highly fl exible confi guration with up to six Standard Delivery Modules (SDM)
‣Each SDM contains four output stackers for up to 250 banknotes ‣Existing machines can be upgraded easily on site
Very simple, intuitive, and easy to use
Nominal throughput of up to 63,000 banknotes per hour in all operation modes
State-of-the-art sensors, developed specifi cally to meet the requirements of commercial users: fast, reliable, precise
Can be easily integrated with cash management software and supports comprehensive remote functionalities to increase pro-ductivity and transparency
Platform concept enables increa-sed effi ciency for training and operation, updates/upgrades, and service, as well as in relation to integration