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Cashwork Coin 300

Coin Counter and Sorter

Cashwork Coin 300 is the most compact heavy duty coin sorter of it's class which counts and sorts mixed coin denominations in one single run. For detection of foreign coins the counter uses Coinsure® Sensor.

Because of its sturdy metal housing and its professional mechanism this device is especially suitable for bank cashiers and retailers.

Sensor: Coinsure Adaptive® Diameter: 14 mm – 34 mm Thickness: < 4 mm Coin Denominations: 8 Form of counting: Mix / sacking / tubing
General Data
Display-Type: LCD Batching variable: 0 – 999 / preset
Capacity and Speed
Capacity of hopper: max. 3.000 coins Counting speed: max. 900 coins / min
Technical data
Dimensions (W x L x H): 272 x 606 x 354 mm Filling height with large hopper just 297 mm Weight: 28,0 kg Power consumption: 80 W Power supply: 230V 60 Hz
RS232 PC-connection: serial port (standard) Printer connection: serial port (standard) USB-port: updates by USB-stick
Ordering Information
Cashwork Coin 300: C3000 Thermo Printer external: 500004 Tubing set: C3000-0001 Sacking Equipment: C3000-0006

Coin counting in a cost-effective way

The user-friendly LCD display provides a good overview of all functions and countings. With highly durable industrial design buttons.
The supplied Plug & Play sacking equipment allows to count the coins directly into coin sacks or safe bags.
Optional: With the external Thermo Printer you can easily and quickly print counting vouchers, e.g. to deposit in safe bags.
Optional: The Tubing System offers the opportunity for self-made coin rolls as required.