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Note Bander

*Adopted the advanced international feed wheel to solve the problem of viscose. The note binding paper roll in long-term stock can be used properly, even stock for 5 years
*Using environmental protection thermostatic head. The same brand Hair conditioner temperature controller is used
*High toughness double steel wire to protect break
*Built-in 2pcs Japanese chips, can store memory temperature, built-in heat sink to maintenance span life of thermostatic head
* Enhanced motor(importing foreign carbon brush and plugged line)
* 4mm thickness money holder to enhance stability
*Iron knife shelf cutter, can work more than 800 hours without stopping
*Binding Speed:<2s/bundle

Banding size
Up to 200 banknotes Height: 60-90mm Width: 25mm/30mm/40mm Length: 90mm or more
PE – paper with cotton thread with width 25mm/30mm/40mm Inside diameter of the roll – 75mm
Power supply
DC 24 V max : < 80 W
6.8kg(without paper roll)
Size (H х W х L)
250mm х 190mm х 220mm