Unsurpassed productivity for commercial cash centers

Banknote processing: 40 years of experience

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) offers high product quality based on 40 years of experience in banknote processing, and continuously transfers technology, ranging from high-performance applications to cost-efficient commercial solutions. BPS M5 is the successor to BPS 1000, the undisputed global market leader in the high-speed banknote processing sector with over 1,400 systems sold. Like many other BPS products, it has been extremely successful and is a viable and profitable investment for efficient banknote processing.

Our competence put to your advantage with the BPS M5

The BPS M5 is a dedicated version for cash centers operated by commercial banks, cash-in-transit (CIT) companies, and casinos. Based on the modular design of the BPS 1000 and BPS M7, it constitutes a unique solution for reliable operation and unsurpassed productivity to provide you with a competitive edge.

The modular system structure and numerous extension options enable cash centers to customize the system to a truly individual level, and to meet the challenges of the future with a great deal of flexibility.

Dimensions (L × W × H)
- BPS M5-12: 6,518 x 1,063 x 1,488 - BPS M5-14LB-33: 7,588 x 1,010 x 1,488 (Can be dismantled for transport purposes)
- BPS M5-12: Approx. 1,859 kg - BPS M5-14LB-33: Approx. 2,593 kg
BN sizes accepted
- Length: 100 – 180 mm - Width: 60 – 90 mm
Effective throughput
- BPS M5-22: Up to 75,000 BN/h - BPS M5-33: Up to 105,000 BN/h
Ambient conditions (continuous operation)
- Ambient temperature: 15 – 30°C - Relative humidity: 30 – 80%
Power consumption
- BPS M5-12: Approx. 3.0 kW - BPS M5-14LB-33: Approx. 5.3 kW - LVM pneumatic module: 3.3 kW (Can be located outside processing room)
Power supply options
- 230 V/400 V, 50/60 Hz - 120 V/208 V, 50/60 Hz Direct mains connection, without transformer
Noise level
- BPS M5-22: 64 – 71 dB(A) - BPS M5-33: 64 – 75 dB(A)
- CE mark - GS certificate for approved safety - UL on request

Banknote feeding

Up to 4,000 banknotes of any substrate, quality, or format can be placed in the singler – the pneumatic singler unit feeds and aligns fully automatically
Continuous feeding without singling gap and automatic reloading at the press of a button for optimum operator ergonomics and consistently high processing performance
Automatic opening and closing of singler cover for noise and dust reduction. The use of header cards* enables nonstop processing of customer deposits
Re-running rejected banknotes reduces the time required for manual inspection and minimizes the risk of missing counterfeits rejected by the BPS
Up to 4,000 banknotes of any substrate, quality, or format can be placed in the singler – the pneumatic singler unit feeds and aligns fully automatically

Operation modes

A variety of operation modes can be selected for the efficient processing of small, medium, or large deposits

Standard delivery modules

Up to 20 delivery stackers are possible, in the following combinations.

Bundling and packing solutions (optional)

Automatic on-line bundling of 10 packages or optionally 5 packages

Benefits of the BPS M5 at a glance:

German standards for reliable and durable engineering
The rugged components of the BPS M5 are designed for continuous 24 / 7 operation
Featuring a narrow footprint, integrated operator working table, and display
The caster platform makes it easy to relocate the BPS in case of process changes or system servicing. There is no need to disassemble and reassemble the system to move it
Low power consumption – and relaxed ambient requirements reduce the amount of infrastructure needed as well as operating costs
The BPS M5 boots up quickly, taking less than 5 minutes to run the first banknotes – there is no need to first calibrate the sensors by means of a test deck
Counterfeits are reliably detected at the lowest possible reject rates, while fit banknotes are dependably identified
Robust design and automatic sensor self-testing ensure repeatable fitness detection based on our in-depth experience as a leading central bank supplier.
Extremely accurate defect detection results in proven banknote quality for reliable ATM performance
Ease of use, optimum ergonomic design, and standing operation help maintain operator productivity, performance, and health
Operator interface
– Brilliant 15” TFT touchscreen – Electrically adjustable for optimum viewing angle – Graphical user interface
Dust vacuuming (optional) The suction unit removes and filters dust from the system
– Dust is vacuumed directly where it accumulates during processing so less dust is released, adverse health effects are minimized, and the machine and the sensors stay clean – Integrated vacuum hose simplifies cleaning of the sensor section
Configurations and operation modes optimized for seamless material and data flow to suit the specific needs of your process
– Processing modes with on-line and off-line reconciliation are supported – Processing results are immediately transferred to the vault management system for quick balancing of customer deposits – Optional compact and smart packing solutions increase security and reduce labor costs
Speed option of 22 or 33 banknotes per second, with an actual rate of up to 75,000 or 105,000 banknotes per hour