Professional Desktop Note Counter

Ready for small and big jobs, TN10 is the smallest machine in its category. Nevertheless, it has the highest feeding capacity with more than 600 notes, this means up to 50% less feeding required and more time for other tasks.

Product versions
Included accessories
• Power cable • Cleaning kit
• External display S • External display L • External printer
• USB, RS232, LAN, printer, display
Dimensions and weight
• Width: 250 mm • Height: 210 mm (without guides) • Depth: 220 mm • Weight: 5.4 KG
Technical Specifications
• 100-240V, 50-60Hz • CE, RoHS compliant

Greater productivity for a wide range of cash processes

Simple update options for the new Euro banknotes via the SD card slot or USB-cable.
Non-Stop counting via reject pocket for screening counterfeit money and unrecognised banknotes.
Optional external display making it easy for customers or surveillance cameras to see the counting results.
Practical carrying handle for easy transport with just one hand. No more need to put down the machine before opening doors for example.


Since the scan does not rely only on optical detection we make the highest performance and safety available for notes which are in visible bad conditions.

anti coin-jam system
cashDNA ® detection system,
Full size hard and soft MG detection
Full size dual ClIS
Possibility to lock detection settings
Simple, calibration free software update via SD card
Replaceable sensor blocks
Optional network integration via SQL for update, maintenance and data transmission
other national bank certifications on request


600 notes, this means up to 50% less feeding required and more time for other tasks.

Up to 1.200 banknotes per minute with full detection (up to 1.500 with limited detection)
4/5 currencies standard
Hopper capacity >500 banknotes
Stacker Capacity 100 Notes


Although TN10 has more functions than any other currency discriminator in its category, we wanted to make the machine very user friendly for your daily operation. We targeted it to be able to complete your selected task quickly within a part of a second. Customize your home screen according to your needs with the regular functions or with your favorite apps.

Color touch TFT with good visibility from big angle
Intuitive user interface
Customizable intelligent buttons
Full access to note path from the front
Small footprint. Almost space at the back required to open note path
Light and easy to carry
Adjustable signal profile
Programmable job routines
Integrated cash management software
4 user profiles