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Outside Plant Security System

1. Solution for access control

The solution is based on the “NiDA2 Outside Plant Security Sistem”, produced by Nicotra Sistemi S.p.A.

Key features of the system are:

  • Modular and easyly upgradable so a nation wide access control system could be constructed.
  • The system arhitecture is subdivided in four hierarchical levels

1st level – manholes to be monitored and respective sensors

2nd level – whole set Acquision Units(AU)

3rd level – District/Regional Supervisory Control stations

4th level – Central Supervisiory Station

  • Quick detection of new events and immediate notification to Control Centre
  • Addressable security RAD(Remote Addressable Device), as other RAD types, connected to the same RAD lines of the AU from which it gets power supply
  • Capability to recognize the manhole/distribution cabinet operator by equipping the RAD MHS/CST with a transponder key
  • Capacity to distinguish legal/illegal access to manhole and distribution cabinets and to generate proper alarm in case of illegal access
  • Possibility to use the already existing infrastructure (3rd evel and 4th level SCU, AU) used for monitoring the pressurized copper network thanks to the same system architecture of NiDA 2
  • Possibility to apply a new structure to implement stand alone solutions specifically dedicated to the security solution
  • Possibility of dedicated client Work Station (WS) for security system dedicated to alarm reception
  • Integration with existing work force management system


The components of the system are:

MHS Sensor

The MHS is installed inside the manhole. The MHS senses the opening of the manhole lid by means of a magnetic contact (i.e.: the MHS is a touch-less sensor). For details on the installation of the MHS.. The MHS is remotely powered by the Acquisition Unit (SEC800) by means of a dedicated copper pair (i.e.: non need of local power supply inside the manhole). The information on the status of the MHS sensor travel on the above mentioned dedicated copper pair.

It is possible to install up to 63 MHS on the same acquisition line. It is possible to mix on the same copper pair either sensors for manholes (MHS and MHS+) or for cabinets (CST, CST+ and CSTLock).
The maximum distance from the Acquisition Unit is 40 Km.


Acquisition Unit (SEC800)

SEC800 is the latest Acquisition Unit designed by Nicotra to meet the customer needs in copper cable pressure monitoring.

The SEC800 can acquire the transducer measurements faster than ever. Each acquisition card acquires two transducer lines simultaneously.

It automatically acquires the measures from the RADs (Remote Addressable Transducers), and it transmits the alarms to the Supervisory Station using several carriers (Intranet, PSTN).

SEC800, besides the well know sequential acquisition cycle, when security sensors are used can perform fast acquisitions acquiring a complete transducer line in 6 seconds.

The SEC800 is a modular unit, standard configuration houses in a 6U 19″ modular sub-rack: a Power Supply Module PSM1, a communication card COM1, the main controller card PCM1 and up to four TPM1 transducer acquisition or ALM1 alarm cards.

The full configuration of SEC800 64 control sensor lines with a total 4032 sensors.


ACMS Software

ACMS Software is an application developed by Nicotra Sistemi SpA, which using the platform NiDA2, management and access control of individual components of the telecommunications infrastructure. For detailed information see the attached document “NiDA2: Enhanced functionalities for the OSP Security”.


2. The solution for mechanical protection

As an additional element, which could limit the physical access to the manholes, we suggest an additional lid (made from HDPE, laminated fabric orfiber-glass) to be fixed under the main lid. The thickness and type of the above material will be determined after the respective test on provided by us samples.  The purpose of the additional lid is to impede from physical access to the sensors and cables of the Access Control System, until arrival of the guards.

The additional lid has a special locking bolt.

The key features of the proposed solution are:

  • The sensor will be activated even by a minimum opening of the main lid (adjustable 10 mm for example), while the sensor and its connecting cable are protected under the additional lid.
  • Easy and simple opening with the special locking bolt, which is corrosion protected.
  • The manhole neck  is covered which is an additional prevention of the manhole from dirt
  • The proposed additional lid is rust-proof compared with recently used metal grill/lid.
  • The total space of the manhole neck is free for easy entering, while in the existing metal grills three supporting rods reduce the space in the neck and create difficulties for the service personnel when entering.
  • All offered materials for the additional lids (HDPE, laminated fabric or fiber-glass) are with high grade of mechanical strength, perfect resistance to chemical materials, low grade of heat-conducting, very good electro insulating and noise insulating properties, perfect resistance to climatic conditions. The corrosion has no any effect on these materials.
  • No any additional service (i.e. painting) is required for the offered lids.
  • The installation of the lids is very easy and when installed the out look of the manhole is much better.
  • In normal operation the offered lids could be used not less than 30-40 years