Standardized Logistics Throughout the Cash Cycle

Working in close collaboration with customers, Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology has developed a unique solution for this: NotaTracc, an innova-tive system enabling the secure trans-port of banknotes and automated loading of the BPS® M3, M5, and M7 systems.

The core of the NotaTracc system is the standardized NotaTracc T tray, which ensures loose banknotes can be securely transported and stored. NotaTracc T can be used for intralogistics within cash centers, as well as for transactions between partners in the cash cycle.

The second component is the NotaTracc Lloading module. Using robotics, this automatically loads the BPS M systems, providing a buffer capacity of up to 40,000 banknotes. This ensures that the system works continuously, which in turn allows a single operator to operate two BPS systems, for example.

The perfect supplement to these two components is the NotaTracc Shuttle, which enables the trays to be trans-ported manually or automatically by AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle).

Overall, the NotaTracc System opens up brand new avenues for intelligent automated processing, both in cash centers and throughout the entire cash cycle.

Dimensions (H × W × D)
1,245 x 820 x 1,145 mm Standing version
~ 300 k
Loading capacity
Up to 5 filled trays on input side Up to 3 filled trays inside the loading module Up to 8 empty trays inoutput position
Power consumption
Effective power ~ 0.5 kW (directly supplied by the BPS M3 / M5 / M7
Width (external dimension)
200 mm
Height (external dimension)
Single tray: 104 mm
Length (external dimension)
564 mm (approx. 3,000 BN) 734 mm (approx. 4,000 BN) 904 mm (approx. 5,000 BN)
Weight (empty/filled)
1.2 / 4.2 kg (approx. 3,000 BN) 1.5 / 5.5 kg (approx. 4,000 BN) 1.9 / 6.9 kg (approx. 5,000 BN)
Electrical specifications
100 – 240 VA, 50/60 Hz
External connections
LAN, USB, RS232, ext. Display

Setting new standards through standardization

Many cash centers are now able to exploit the potential of high-speed processing systems even more effectively than ever before. Thanks to universal standardization, significant improvements in security and efficiency are also possible when it comes to the transport and storage of banknotes.
Opportunities to access banknotes during processing are considerably reduced, even going as far as a fully automated, entirely hands-off operational sequence.
Employees no longer need to constantly supervise the processing system and are able to operate two BPS systems at the same time.
Maximum throughput without interruptions: Together with the BPS M systems and the NotaPack packaging solution, NotaTracc makes up the high-speed world of G+D.
Thanks to particularly ergonomic and simple handling, users are exposed to less noise and dust.
The NotaTracc loading module serves as a buffer for up to 40,000 banknotes, thereby enabling uninterrupted, highly productive processing.

Advantages at every level

NotaTracc is our solution to make operational sequences more secure and more efficient on three different levels: Intralogistics within cash centers; transport between different cash centers under the same operator; and exchanges between partners in the cash cycle.