Heavy Duty Coin Sorter

Product versions
• CMX30 (22200)
Included accessories
Coin boxes, cleaning set, power cable, user manual,
• Bag holder (222A0001) • Paper rolls for printer (22307) • External display L (22309+22310) • External display S (22318+22310) • Tubing set (EUR/21003) • RS232 cable (22308) • statistic module (22310) • machine stand (22201)
• RS232, printer, display
Dimensions and weight
• 600 mm (W), 300 mm (D), 430 mm (H), 525 mm (H with hopper) • 34 KG
Technical Specifications
• 230 VAC (+5%/-15%), 50/60Hz, 35W • 10° C to 35° C, 20% to 80% RH • Acoustic noise level LpA < 74 dB(A) (uncertainty: 2) LpA Standby < 43 dB(A) • CE, RoHS compliant


CMX30 is simple to operate and most functions are available with just one push of a button. The large hopper feeds up to 5,500 coins and once and processes them with a speed of up to 650 coins per minute.

Counting and sorting speed Up to 650 coins per minute with full detection
Hopper capacity of 3,000 coins (Standard Euro-Mix) and 5,500 coins max.
Semi-automatic feeding
Big and robust rubber keys
Low maintenance


The non-volatile memory secures your counting data also in case of power failure. An optional thermal printer provides receipts for your deposits and further information for accounting. The successful certification and the optionally available statistic box allow credit institutions to work and report according the regulations for cash professionals.

Contactless cashMAX ® detection system with 4 detection parameters
Non-volatile memory: count, total and bag contents individually for 8 cashiers
Big coin size range: D: 14 - 34 mm T: 0.8 – 3.5 mm
2 bag stops levels, 1 - 9999 coins per bag
Optional statistic box
Complies with EU regulation 1210/2010